Version 1.2.6 released

On January 2, 2012, in GeoNamesTagger, Release, by TheOneAndOnlySepp

GeoNamesTagger Version 1.2.6 is released! See download section…

Increased processing speed:

Due to optimised temporary file handling the processing speed could be further increased:

Increased processing speed compared to previous versions

* Mixture of normal sized JPEG files (about 3-5 MB)
** Full sizes 16 Megapixel RAW-files (about 20 MB)


Added a history for the address search field.

The address search field now autocompletes your inserted text using all of your previous search strings (for which a valid GPS position could be found). If you previously searched for “Apple Infinite Loop 1 Cupertino” and later type “A” the address search field will automatically fill in “pple Infinite Loop 1 Cupertino” as shown below:


GeoNamesTagger autocompletion example

Included ExifTool version 8.74 (Dec, 28 2011)
Whats next?

  • Status indicator (currently only available via Java console)
  • For all of the users who have donated so far, I will provide the possibility to disable the “GeoTagged with GeoNamesTagger…” tag which is normally written


Thanks for your feedback, questions, feature requests, … and more than 1500* downloads!

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