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  • Supports 4 ways to gather the address information:

Insert the location as a a set of geographic coordinates (Information lookup is done automatically*)

Lookup the address information using a search term (e.g. a street address or place name)*

Specify the position using a map.

Directly enter the information.

  • Automatically receives the address information of geographic coordinates*:
  • The primary country name and code (According to the ISO 3166 standard)

    The state name and code

    The city name

    The neighborhood name (if available)

    The postal code

    The street name and house number

    • Supports various geographic coordinate input formats:


    40°26’47″N 79°58’36″W

    40d 26′ 47″ N 79d 58′ 36″ W

    40° 26.7717, -79° 56.93172

    40.446195, -79.948862

    40.446195N 79.948862W

    40.446195°, 79.948862°

    • Specifiable language to receive the location information.
    • Writes the address information to the following EXIF, ICMP and XMP tags

    Group Name Tag Name Example
    EXIF-GPS GPSLatitude 37.3318
    EXIF-GPS GPSLatitudeRef N
    EXIF-GPS GPSLongitude 122.0307
    EXIF-GPS GPSLongitudeRef W
    —- —- —-
    ICMP CountryPrimaryLocationName United States
    ICMP CountryPrimaryLocationCode USA
    ICMP ProvinceState California
    ICMP City Cupertino
    ICMP SubLocation Infinite Loop 1
    ICMP Keywords Keywords**
    —- —- —-
    XMP-Photoshop Country United States
    XMP-IPTC CountryCode USA
    XMP-Photoshop State California
    XMP-Photoshop City Cupertino
    XMP-IPTC Location Infinite Loop 1
    XMP-DC Subject Keywords**
    —- —- —-
    • Existing keywords within the target image files can either be replaced or updated/merged with the new informations.
    • Supported file types/formats:

    All image types which are supported by ExifTool (Jpeg, gif, tif, raw, rw2, eps, gif, net, png, psd, …

    Movie formats: MOV and MP4

    • Previous to any write of information to an image a backup copy is created.
    • If any significant problem is detected within the image, the file will be left unchanged.

    * Uses the Yahoo! PlaceFinder geocoding Web service to do that

    ** All information as listed above is stored as separate metadata keyword tags.

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