Version 1.3 released

On January 7, 2012, in GeoNamesTagger, Release, by TheOneAndOnlySepp

GeoNamesTagger Version 1.3 is released! See download section…

Added License handling: (GeoNamesTagger remains free!)

I want to give back something to all of the users who have donated or supported the project somehow… Therefore a license is enabling additional features:

  1. “GeoTagged with GeoNamesTagger…” tag is not added to the image files during execution.
  2. Status indicator/window (currently only available via Java console)

See more about licensing, how it works and how you can get one (for free)…

Added status indicator/window:


Shows the status of each file to be tagged (only available after a valid license was applied).

Further safety improvements:

  1. On startup, the local and packaged ExifTool version are compared, the newer/higher version will be used.
  2. Prior to execution of “CMD-Q”/App-shutdown the state of the execution queue is checked. If there are files left, the user is asked if he really wants to abort those pending tasks or not.
  3. If the user explicitly requests a shutdown, the current queued tasks are deleted first. The shutdown is then executed after all active jobs have been stopped safely.
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